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Data Analyst

Learn to analyse data using business intelligence tools like Power BI to discover and unlock insights for effective data-driven decision making.


April 30, 2022

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As a Data Analyst (Intern), you will be inducted to the CCOL Analytics Tribe 😊 and you will work under the supervision of experienced data analysts, but you may be involved in all stages of the data analytics project, from data gathering to insight generation. This will be fun. Trust us. 

Server Side

Extended back-end learning includes PHP, API, NodeJS, and more

Client Side

Explore the front-end fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

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Our tutors are leaders in their field and have mastered the low-code software development field.

Learn & Work from Home

Sessions are virtual. Learn and work from home for the most part.


We know how to code. We love to code. We want to show you how’s it’s done.

Internship Job opportunities

We will give you the platform or match you with employers seeking your skills. Don't worry about that.

Betty Rash • Graduate 06/20

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Paul Wagner • Graduate 01/21

Graduates share their journey to success

Some of our graduates are now working in development teams in hi-tech companies and corporations.
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Oliver Buck • Graduate 09/20


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Partake in personal and group exercises, which leads you to become very knowledgeable in software development

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